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Desktop Virtualization

Subscribing to software delivered over the Web can enable your business to take advantage of enterprise-class software without the burden or cost of managing the technology yourself. Only DNO Support™ delivers such a comprehensive set of cloud services and enterprise applications with the reliability, security, and global reach you should expect for your business — so you don't have to compromise. Say goodbye to all the headaches, costs and risks associated with your internally hosted servers.
  • Minimize Downtime

    Minimize Downtime

    Eliminate the risk of server downtime related to hardware failure, power failure, or Internet outages. Our redundant hosting infrastructure is housed in a SAS 70 Type 2 Certified facility, ensuring that your applications and data will be secure and available 24x7.

  • Lower Costs

    Lower Costs

    Eliminate the need to ever have to replace server hardware, or pay for the overhead to power, cool and backup your server.

  • Improve Accessibility

    Improve Accessibility

    Whether you are in the office or on the road, you can securely access your data and applications.

  • Eliminate Hassle

    Eliminate Hassle

    You no longer have to worry about changing backup tapes, making sure your server closet isn’t too hot, or planning for your next hardware upgrade . Since we fully manage the servers, you no don’t have to worry about any extra overhead to patch maintain or administer your servers.

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